Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dream Cabinet

Lets have some fun. Obama has named his cabinet so I decided to announce mine. Mine is diverse and probably unique since all those named have some expertise in their fields. John Bolton would be great at State as would Sarah Palin at Interior and Schwartzkopt at Defense. My Tennessee bias shows with the selections of Bill Frist at Health, Bob Corker at Commerce and Marsha Blackburn at Transportation. Since Bob Mueller heads the FBI, he should be a natural at Homeland Security. Sanford Bishop has experience on various agricultural committees and I have always admired his level headedness. Miguel Estrada should be on the Supreme Court so Justice would be a great consolation prize. Steve Forbes at Treasury despite his support of the Bush bailout. Tom Sowell is my only living hero so he has to go somewhere. Bob Woodson would reshape HUD as would Michelle Rhee (who is doing a wonderful job transforming the DC schools) at Education. Castro-Wright is CEO of WalMart so he's my pick for Labor. Boone Pickens at Energy would push for all energy sources not just the trendy ones that are so expensive. Ann Dunwoody is the first four star woman general. Enough said.

The Cabinet Dream Team





Hillary Clinton


John Bolton


Ken Salazar

Sarah Palin


Tom Daschle

Bill Frist


Bill Richardson

Bob Corker

Homeland Security

Janet Napolitano

Robert Mueller


Tom Vilsack

Sanford Bishop


Robert Gates

Norman Schwartzkopf

Attorney General

Eric Holder

Miguel Estrada


Timothy Geithner

Steve Forbes

Economic Council

Larry Summers

Tom Sowell


Shaun Donovan

Bob Woodson


Hilda Solis

Eduardo Castro-Wright


Arne Duncan

Michelle Rhee


Steven Chu

T. Boone Pickens


Ray LaHood

Marsha Blackburn

Veteran Affairs

Eric Shinseki

Ann Dunwoody

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The Capital Grill said...

Thomas Sowell is far too educated and level-headed for Washington politics; however, he would serve this country well. A wonderful editorial by Mr. Sowell titled "Postponing Reality and Rust Belt Policies" is posted on Carpe Diem. I believe you will enjoy reading it as I much as I did.