Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random thoughts

Third party advocates are misguided. A third party will weaken the republic. It is ironic that many of those same people grouse that Obama wants to turn us into Europe. Well nothing will transform us into Europe faster than a third party. The parties would have to mix, match and compromise. One time the link would be between the dems and the 3rd party and then they would fall out and the link would be between the republicans and the 3rd party - just like what just happened in Germany. No what is needed is for the tea party activists to take over both the democrats and the republican parties. Although tea party folks are thought to be right wing republicans, quite a few are democrats who are afraid of all the spending and growth in government power.

Obama is now attacking the bankers. It is bogey man of the month. First it was the doctors accused of treating patients with concern to payment schedules rather than what was best for the patient. Then it was to attack the insurance companies because of their "obscene" profits - even though their earnings per share and profitability put them in the bottom tier of corporations. Next, it was the bankers. All this is just a smokescreen to divert attention from an administration that has failed miserably in its first year. So the president says "we want our money back". He wants to tax the banks who have already paid back their TARP money - except for Citibank.The losses he cites are from the auto companies not the banks. Yet he has not railed against the auto companies and demanded our money back. Speaking of which, we the people should demand the TARP money paid back back. That is we should demand that all the TARP money be returned to reduce the federal debt. Obama is using what was repaid to be new spending. So Mr. President: we want our money back.

I just saw a poll about the president's dropping poll numbers. It seems that 88 percent of democrats and 22 percent of republicans still favor his policies, It used to be that the republican numbers have fallen but the big fall is in the independents. Who are these people that think the president is doing a good job? First, I don't understand why the republican numbers are positive. For all their differences, I do know know of a single republican who favors the takeover of the American economy by the government. So who are these 22 percent? The 88 percent democrat support confirms that there are virtually no moderate or conservative democrats. How else can one explain this number?

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