Sunday, February 7, 2010

Huh? He said what?

The president speaking before a republican retreat in Baltimore said "I am not an ideologue." Au contraire. He had his opportunity to prove that he wasn't and he demonstrated that he was. When Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts taking away the dems 60 vote majority in the senate, most politicians would have changed course. This is especially true given the results in New Jersey and Virginia. Most politicians would have seen the light, moderated their course and reached out to the other party. However an ideologue would have blindly ignored all the signs and charged along the same path. The president chose the latter course. He went before the democrats in congress and said that he was still going to push for health care and for cap and trade. His budget is shamelessly reckless. He went before the nation and said "It is time to save what we can, spend what we must and live within our means once again." Then he gave us a budget that blows the top off the economy with its $3.8 trillion in spending and $2 trillion in new taxes and a $1.6 trillion deficit. He must think we are all fools to embrace this irresponsible budget. If the president had any credibility left he lost it with this budget.

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