Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fox News

Am I the only one who has noticed that although Fox News wears the mantle of being "conservative" and CNN is "liberal" that it seems like for a woman to be on Fox News, she has to have on a short dress? All of their women guest experts apparently have to wear a short dress to get on the air. All of their anchors that sit on the couch have the barbie doll look - blonde and short dresses. Last week poor Dana Perino, George Bush's press secretary had on a short dress with a slit up to her thigh. On the other hand, the women on CNN at least look professional. I tune into Fox at 6AM when I get on the treadmill and will switch over to Headline News if the barbie doll female anchorette has decided to dress like a cheerleader. I have sent them several emails protesting their appearance but of course none has deigned to reply. Since they like short poems to start the day, I sent them the following when Gretchen had on a low cut blouse with her usual obligatory short dress: Dear Fox and Friends, No prude am I but when I start my morning I would like to do so without all the cleavage and thigh.


David J. Moore, Ph.D. said...

I was at a seminar for divorce attorneys last week and the topic of attire came up during several discussions.

Apparently there is evident that a man's ability to think rationally is significantly diminished when sexually aroused. Also, wearing distracting attire makes witnesses more uncomfortable. So women are advised to dress provocatively and to be a distraction to get what they want out of the subject.

Fox News has been bashed many times and in many places (I believe even on Saturday Night Live) for their obvious bias. Perhaps the provocative dress is in line with the systematic brainwashing they seek to achieve via their programming. It is, at a minimum, in line with discouraging men to think rationally.

I applaud you Dr. Black for not being duped. Fight the Power!


H.A. Black said...

David, Another interesting way to view the world and again one I never had considered. Talk about thinking out of the box!