Friday, June 18, 2010

So what is that in your glass?

Light beer sales are down. Miller Lite is off 7.5% and Bud Light is off 5.3% this year. I thought beer was recession proof? I know that the American beer consuming public has not suddenly discovered taste. "Light" beer was invented to get college coeds to drink beer. To make it acceptable to college males, Miller ran adds of ex-jocks arguing whether it was "less filling" or whether it "tastes great". If truth be told, it was neither. When I met my beloved Connie fifteen years ago, she said with horror "You don't like wine? You drink beer?" I thought that was the end of a promising relationship. What cultured person didn't like bordeaux or chardonnay and preferred beer? Obvious I had inferior genes. Then she tried porter (I drink mainly porters and stouts and an occasional IPA) and said "That's beer?" Then after her first IPA she was hooked. You know after I first tasted light beer I sent it to the lab for analysis. The report said "Dr Black, We are afraid your horse has diabetes."

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