Monday, January 17, 2011

Misc Musings

1. Why is Dania Patrick’s hair always blowing in her commercials? Pity the poor guy (a fan?) who has to follow her around carrying the fan. She must have been inspired by the Fabio commercials.
2. I was at a meeting when the question was asked “Who is the most influential black man in America among young black males”. Of course, someone answered “President Obama.” “No. It’s Little Wayne.” Who?
3. Central bankers cannot be trusted with the printing press.
4. Are all Democrats Keynesian? We hear that we are a consumer driven economy and we may well be. But Democrats think we are just a spending driven economy and always need to spend more.. Keynes did not distinguish between the effect of different spenders. In his formulation of GDP = government + investment + consumption, the components do not matter. If this were the case, we would never have a recession. So it is obvious that the source of the spending does matter. Government spending funded via taxation takes money from consumers. Government spending via borrowing distorts financial markets and takes money from investing. Government borrowing from the Fed also distorts financial markets and is inflationary.
5. There is a trailer for a new show on tv called “Mr Sunshine”. It features a woman saying in a very loud voice to a man that she could not find her panties that she had on at his house. It also has another woman saying in the midst of a crowd that she wants to make love to the same guy. My girlfriend shook her head and said “what have we come to?” Indeed, that this garbage is being shown during sports shows and daytime programming shows total disregard for families.
6. I must be in the minority with regard to what sells products. I would never buy a product hawked by children. What does a baby in diapers know about investing? I also won’t buy insurance from the company that has some guy named “Mayhem”. I hate these as well. I also hate the ones aimed at testosterone deficient males. The Miller Lite commercials with the big chested bartenders questioning customers manhood because they order another light beer when all light beers are girlie beers; the Go Daddy commercials; the Hardee’s commercials. My mute button gets a workout.
7. Speaking of commercials, the one I like has the dog fretting about his bone to the song “Trouble”. Then some animals don’t work for he like the GEICO lizard.
8. I remember when the first three-D movies came out and felt like a dork wearing those glasses. Now in a never ending effort to sell product, 3-D is back in the movies and now in your home with 3-D TV. No thanks.
9. Texas A & M was on TV in some bowl game and their basketball team is on often because they in the top 15. What stands out is how few girlie hairdos and tattoos are on the teams. Maybe it is the tradition of the corps. It is refreshing to see.
10. Every week that Bush was in office we got a count on the networks on the death total in Iraq. I guess in the past two years we have suffered no deaths in Iraq since Obama has been president.
11. Obama has also gotten a pass on his cabinet and White House staff. Where are the black faces? There is no black in a significant visible cabinet position. The White House spokesmen are white males. The chief of staffs have been white males from Chicago. Unlike Bush who had appointed more blacks to more significant positions than any other president, the first black president (sorry Bill Clinton) has done the opposite. If this were a republican administration, do you think the press would be this silent?

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