Tuesday, March 15, 2011

El Heat?

The other night there was an NBA game between El Heat and Los Spurs. Aside from showing no knowledge of Spanish it was part of an NBA promotion called Noche Latina. The objective is to increase marketing to the Hispanic communities in selected NBA markets. The first question is why? There are relatively few Hispanic players. Pau Gasol and his brother Marc are from Spain but in this country "Hispanic" generally refers to a person from Latin America. This should rule out the Lopez brothers (Brook and Robin) who are Californians. I seriously doubt if there are even enough Latinos to make up an NBA team. But marketing never sleeps so we have Nueva York, Los Spurs, El Magic, Los Bulls, Los Mavs, El Heat,Los Lakers, Los Suns, Los Bulls and Los Rockets. Why leave the last name English? This really escapes me and the jerseys simply look like a product of our public school system. So I was thinking that since most of the NBA players are black, that we should market to black communities during black history month with black slang. We could have the New York Crooklyns, the San Antonio Roosevelts, The Orlando Twights, the Boston Redbones, the Chicago Bangers, the Miami Benz, the Dallas Crew, the Los Angeles Booyas, the Phoenix Grills, the Houston Buttas, and the Atlanta Playas.

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious Dr. Black.