Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Here comes Mariano Rivera again

Obama's replacing the lamentable Joe Biden in the debt ceiling talks with himself recalls the posting I did on Aug 11, 2011 (Mariano Rivera for president). He is the relevant part of that post

"It is evident that this president likes the trappings of the office but not the job. He golfs all the time through crises. He takes vacations during crises. He goes off on foreign trips to exotic locales during crises. He has private parties and concerts with the stars and glitterati. However, he does not lead. AS some have said, he is President Present. He comes to the party late and adopts the democratic position as if it is his own, giving speech upon endless speech. If a republican did this, he would be vilified by the media and ridiculed without pity. I am old enough to remember the press remarking about Dwight Eisenhower’s love for golf “Sam Snead for president! If we are going to have a golfer, we might as well have a good one”. With Barack Obama the best analogy is not to ask for Tiger Woods to be president since this president is a closer. The American people thought they were electing a president. Instead, they got Mariano Rivera."

As I said in "Just say no", the debt ceiling is the easiest way to limit government spending. I know that some republicans have proposed a balanced budget amendment but that only works if coupled with a provision that limits government spending to some proportion of GDP (say 18 percent). Otherwise congress would keep spending and then raising taxes to balance the budget.

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Gregg Rader said...

I really enjoy your blog, but the best part is the "My Blog List". It's an instant portal to seven different blogs I read.

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