Friday, August 12, 2011

Some more random thoughts

What is body wash?

What is the commercial about with the guy dancing in Grand Central Station while everyone is standing around in trench coats?

Aren’t you irritated by the commercial with those guys wearing raw meat being chased by wild animals?

How about the commercial that asks if you are going scuba diving, which razor will you chose? The answer of course is “neither”.

I hate all AXE commercials – without exception.

What about that awful Dairy Queen commercial with poor Mary Lou Retton inside a pinata?

I cheer for sasquatch in all those beef jerky commercials.

I can prove that jerky is not food. I was given some and after trying unsuccessfully to break it down by chewing, gave it to my dogs. They wouldn't eat it either.

It must be hell being in a generation where the main talent to “sing” is cursing and the main talent to “act” is the ability to scream.

Why are all the dems quoting Reagan? Reagan’s Morning in America has become Obama’s Mourning in America.

I kid you not. The electric “Smart” car model is called the ED.

Michele Obama is touting a change in diet to counter obesity in kids while eating cheeseburgers. Has anyone tried to link obesity to this generation sitting at computers all day playing games or tweeting on their smart phones rather than being outside playing?

I trace the decline in America to my grandson’s not knowing what division in which the Atlanta Braves play.

I saw a poll in which 72% said the country was going in the wrong direction, 12% said that it was going in the right direction and the rest didn't know. What dimension are those 28% living in?

Isn’t it interesting that no one has called the rioting in Britain a race riot?

Kudos to Philadelphia’s mayor for telling kids to pull up their pants, cut their hair, eschew tattoos and maybe they can get a job.

I just got my first social security check. I am now officially an old man.


JP said...

I can explain the commercial of the dancing guy, at the risk that you really are curious and weren't being facetious.

A couple of years ago, groups of people began practicing choreographed dance routines, and then, using their smart phones, they would coordinate a time at which they would all begin performing that dance routine in a large public place, like Grand Central Station, to the amazement and delight of all of the passing travellers. Here are a couple of examples: Sound of Music Grand Central Station

The poor sap that is the main focus of the commercial does not have the faster cell phone service being advertised, so he does not get the notice that the start time has been moved back to 12:30, and so he makes a fool of himself, all by himself, and ruins the surprise of the planned performance, for which his fellow dancers in the trench coats are glaring at him.

Unfortunately, lately that same concept and technology is being used to organize mob violence and looting, instead of some creative entertainment routine.

Judging by some of the commercials you mention, I would venture to guess that you, like I, have been keeping up with the Atlanta Braves. They seem to show the same commercials over and over, but wins like the one last night over the Giants make it well worth it, I'd say.

H.A. Black said...

Thanks! I really had no clue and Go Braves!