Sunday, September 11, 2011

Global Warming: The duping of the Knoxville News-Sentinel

One of the contenders for dumbest articles of the decade was an article by someone named Eugene Linden in the Los Angeles Times ( However, what can be expected from a person who wrote "Our brand of capitalism is making us stupid"? That article should be titled "Our brand of capitalism has made me stupid". It shames me to say that my newspaper the Knoxville News-Sentinel decided to devote its entire front page of "Perspective" to this nonsense on September 4. What Linden is saying is that the governors of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico have been global warming skeptics yet their states are experiencing severe droughts. I presume Linden is either stupid or thinks that we are stupid. Are we to believe that the current drought is a first time event for those states? Are we to believe that somehow global warming is really Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico warming? This is utter nonsense assuming somehow "global" warming is state specific. Moreover, Linden expects us to believe that we are able to make a conclusion about global warming from what is occurring at this moment when trends are what are important. Most evidence that I have seen indicates that the earth is actually cooling rather than warming. The polar caps are getting thicker rather than shrinking (sorry Al Gore). Again, how were are supposed to give credence as to what is going to happen in 100 years or more into the future when the same bunch cannot predict tomorrow's weather is beyond me.

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