Saturday, October 1, 2011

Random Thoughts

Drudge ( reported something truly astounding. The EPA says that its new regulations on green house emissions (the back door to implement cap and trade) will require 230,000 new employees at a cost of $21 billion. That has got to be a misprint. Surely, congress will stop this by not funding the increase. Well Obama said that he would create jobs so I guess this is how. By the way, the republican candidates have fallen into the trap of saying how they would create jobs. Remember, the government does not create jobs - even if it is a republican one. Jobs are created by the market. The government can hamper job creation (see the current administration) or it can create an environment in which the market will create the jobs.

Note that when Warren Buffett said that he was taxed a a lower rate than his secretary, everyone including conservatives danced around the obvious question "Is Buffett senile?" Perhaps he was simply mistaken and everyone was too polite to correct him. Since we have a progressive tax system, he might have meant that net of deductions, his rate was lower. Perhaps he was referring to the capital gains tax being lower than the income tax rate. But this would assume that he did not pay taxes on the income used to purchase stocks and bonds. Since Buffett has not released his tax returns we can't actually know what he meant. However, if he is feeling guilty, he could always declare his capital gains as ordinary income and pay the higher rate. Surely he is not advocating the taxing of capital gains as ordinary income? Alternatively, he could just write the government a check for a few billion dollars. OK. I give up. He is senile. Nevertheless, he has turned out to be an ordinary liberal wanting to impose his own views on others rather than on himself.

First its Obama, then Maxine Waters, Andre Cason, NPR executive Ron Schiller, and now Morgan Freeman among slews of libs calling the tea party racist. Well how do they reconcile that obvious lie over the fact that the two black tea party backed congressional representatives Allen West (Fl) and Tim Scott (SC) are black and Scott defeated the grandson of old Dixiecrat legend Strom Thurmond? And then there is Herman Cain who won the Florida straw poll besting Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. I guess they think the rest of us are blind or are fools.

Do you remember when Hillary Clinton was in the senate, she said that the republicans were heavy handed and rammed through legislation without debate? I wonder how she felt about health care, Dodd-Frank and TARP2. With health care debate was limited and no amendments were allowed. I don't recall Clinton protesting the heavy handedness then.

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