Sunday, January 29, 2012

You like who?

All those pleased with the survivors in the republican field raise their hands. Personally I think the scenario is akin to what happened last time: no matter who the republicans nominated would lose to whomever the democrats nominated. Because Bush was so vilified, it would have been hard to think otherwise. In this case, Obama has so screwed things up that it is difficult to see him re-elected regardless of who the republicans nominate (save Ron Paul). However, the process is bringing us a flawed candidate. Newt has global warming, ethanol, Fannie Mae, Nancy Pelosi, personal ethics and professional ethics to deal with. He has also only worked for the government - state run universities and the congress - or lived off his government past. He is scatter-brained yet awfully smart. The only thing he has going for him is that he is not Mitt Romney. As to Mitt, a venture capitalist is not a hands on manager of a firm and does not know the nuts and bolts of responding to consumer demand and meeting a payroll. He is obviously not comfortable with being a rich guy but should be selling himself as an embodiment of the American dream. He also has Romney-care hanging around his neck. His recently crafted answer is that it is a state specific program works for me. But he is not comfortable with admitting that much of the criticism of the program have merit and it is a budget buster for Massachusetts. He should say that it ended up being poorly crafted by the democrats who insisted on its final structure. Santorum could not win re-election to his senate seat and lost by 30 points. He whines that it was because of the assault of the pro-democratic press in his state. Well what does he think the national press is - bipartisan? If he thought the attacks in Pennsylvania were bad, he hasn't seen anything yet if he became the nominee. And Ron Paul? What do you like about him other than he named his son Rand? He claims to be a libertarian but is an isolationist in libertarian's clothing. I am an Adam Smith libertarian. Ron Paul is the antithesis of that - a mercantilist.

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