Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'll have fries with that!

I live in Tennessee and today is "Super Tuesday" which is not when McDonald's will supersize a meal for free but rather when the Republican primary is being held. I am a registered republican because it is the only party that pays lip service to markets, capitalism and economic freedom. However, I am not voting today because the candidates have not deigned to give me a reason to vote for them. Every ad I have heard or seen is a negative ad telling me why I should vote against someone. I have yet to hear an ad telling me why I should for for someone. It is as if candidates have only negative attributes rather than positive ones. Even in the interviews, each candidate beats up on the other guy rather than telling me what he would do. I keep hearing that negative ads work - the poster child being Romney's antiGingrich ads in Florida. Maybe negative ads work in keeping people like me from voting period. I also keep hearing ads (an commentators) telling me that the nominee should have good debating skills because only a good debater can win. Really? Didn't these people say that Bush was inarticulate? Then he must have lost the debates to both Kerry and Gore and yet somehow still was elected? What percent of the voters look at the debates anyway? I have not seen a single one because I research what a candidate does rather than whether he has snappy repartee. So I am not voting for anyone today but in November I will show up to vote against someone.

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