Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Olympics: Born in the USA?

Harry Reid – of all people – says that we should burn the Ralph Lauren designed Olympic uniforms because they were made in China. Then we had the Chinese state news agency lecturing us on the “narrow nationalism and ignorance” displayed by U.S. politicians who oppose the Chinese-made uniforms and citing the importance of “the Olympic Spirit, which has nothing to do with politics” but is instead about “mutual understanding and fair play.” Then there is the poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal where the results are split 50/50. I don’t know about you, but I think the uniforms should be burned – not because they are made in China but because they are butt
ugly. Berets? Give me a break. These are Americans not French painters. The skirts make the women look like little Orphan Annie and are dowdy at best. Another question, is where is the other stuff made? Are the speedos, basketball uniforms, track spikes and the rest made in the USA? What about the other paraphernalia? Should everything be burned that doesn’t say “Made in the USA”? What about the athletes themselves. American athletes have performed for other countries in the Olympics. Al Horford is on the Dominican basketball team -I wonder if he speaks the language – and there are three Americans on the British team. In 2008 the US flag bearer was born in the Sudan and there were 33 foreign born nationals on that team. The US is not the only country. There is currently a firestorm in Britain, host of the summer games, over the number of “plastic Brits” on that team. Regardless, Harry Reid saying burn the uniforms because they were made in China amounts to sheer sophistry unless he wants to burn everything in the US lockers and equipment that is not US made and also expel from the team everyone not born in the USA.

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