Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Libya and Egypt on 9/11: Why hasn't someone resigned?

I am outraged over the murder of four Americans including the ambassador to Libya yesterday on 9/11. I was earlier outraged over Egyptians going inside the embassy compound and trashing the American flag and flying a black al-qaeda flag in its stead. The question that needs answering is where were the marines? I had thought that each embassy had a detachment of marines to provide security. If that is so, then how did the protestors get insider the embassy compounds? Why aren't there dozens of dead radical muslims in Egypt and Beghanzi? Where were the marines? This shocking lack of security to me is an impeachable offense. No not of the president but of the secretary of state who continues to exhibit incompetency. These episodes mean that Hillary Clinton must go. If she does not resign then the senate should immediately move to impeach her. Yes I know poor old pitiful Harry Reid won't do it but at least the republicans should have the testosterone to recommend it. Impeach Hillary!

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Honey said...

I am still outraged and it's been a month now. This administration has failed in so many ways! There was a massive cover-up. Why was there a massive cover up? Because they failed to heed the intelligence they had and prepare for this terrible event. Our people who serve our country in hostile territories should have had better back-up. That's just plain incompetent! And when this terrible tragedy occurred, the truth was not told. I was watching and listening when H. Clinton gave her statement on the 12th. Obama came on right after her and it was as if he read her speech, albeit a slightly dumbed-down version. Then when the truth begins to come out (as the truth has a way of doing), there was never any admission of fault. They should have said, "We didn't properly guard our embassies. We didn't heed our own intelligence. We didn't prepare for the unrest and we made a mistake (or lied) about what actually happened, blaming on some silly film." Dodging the blame when it lies squarely on their shoulder is the name on the game for this guy. Wondering when the American people will say, " Enough of this!"