Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Minor Irritants

Since I have not yet gone back to watching or listening to the news, I look at ESPN during my morning workouts. I have then become very irritated with some commercials and give the mute button a workout too. So here are my minor irritants. 1. Manti Te'O - enough already! 2. Ray Lewis - will someone please muzzle this guy? 3. Flo – or for that matter any Progressive Insurance commercial. 4. Kids in commercials selling products to adults (Ally Bank) 5. Nationwide Insurance – “We put customers first because we don’t have shareholders.” Right. Did you know that studies in Finance show that mutual companies are more wasteful, have higher costs, more perks paid to executives than shareholder companies. In reality, Nationwide is likely really saying that the money that would go to shareholders is being put it in their own pockets. 6. GEICO commercials - Why is it that insurance companies have the dumbest commercials? 7. Weight loss commercials. The one with Terry Bradshaw and Jillian is obviously intended to show women that this particular weight loss program will not reduce their breasts. Then there is the truly bizarre one in which you drink the product and it blows up 50 times in your stomach to prevent you from eating. No I am not kidding. 8. Finally anything dealing with Facebook. I just deleted permanently my Facebook account. I never used it anyway and the only reason I signed up was I kept getting requests from friends to be “friends”. Little did I know that I was going to get notifications of how truly banal most of my friends were. I would also get messages from them and only replied via email since I did not want my responses known to the world. What was troubling was that I started getting friend requests from people I did not know and then emails with friends names on them asking me to open links. However, it was obvious that these emails did not come from anyone I knew since what was written in the subject space was obviously not in character with those people. Yes I know, the blog is also a look into my views but somehow it feels less personal and intrusive.


Unbearobull said...

Welcome to a world without Facebook. I'm social media free since October 2010. No Facebook, 4 squared, tumblr, twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc. Can you believe when I interviewed for a job, I had one rep tell me the main reason I wasn't hired was "no web presence" ?!

H.A. Black said...

They should have hired you on that basis!