Monday, February 11, 2013

Still at war?

The Kingsport (TN) Times News runs on occasion a front page article on the civil war by Ned Jilton. In the Jan 29 issue (I tired to find a link but failed but found an earlier piece which is almost identical is a piece entitled "Gen. George Pickett, the man in charge". It is an excellent article on Pickett from the Mexican-American war to the incident with the pig in Oregon to the end where he was at a fish fry as his men were overrun at Five Forks. I sent him an email congratulating him on an otherwise excellent article. I said that it was mistitled since Pickett was far from "the man in charge". How could he be in charge when he was at the rear? Jilton said that being at the rear was protocol for division commanders but then why were the other commanders, Pettigrew (mortally wounded) and Trimble (wounded and captured) leading their troops? But mainly I was wondering if technically we still may be at war since I don't think the confederacy ever officially surrendered. Yes each confederate army on the field eventually surrendered and Jefferson Davis dissolved the government when he fled to Georgia but I don't think there was ever an official declaration of surrender. Was there?

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