Sunday, March 31, 2013

Elizabeth Warren: Too loose a cannon to be really dangerous

A couple of years ago I was working as an expert in a fairly high profiled banking case - we won. During that same time Harvard law professor, Elizabeth Warren was making the news pushing for a consumer protection finance agency. She won despite spouting generalities and mistruths. I was predictable critical but the lawyer that I worked with most closely on the case told me that when he was in law school, Warren was his best professor. He called her brilliant - if ignorant with regard to business and economics. Much like it was reputed that Einstein gave up studying economics because it was too hard and studied physics instead, Warren opted for the law. You may also remember that Elizabeth Warren was the source of Obama's ill-fated "You didn't build that" comment. Well the same Elizabeth Warren is now in the senate having defeated Scott Brown in Massachusetts. She recently made headlines advocating a tripling of the minimum wage to $22 an hour, pooh-poohing Obama's proposal to raise it to $10.10. Virtually all economists regardless of stripe recognize such a proposal as foolish and ignorant. However, there are those who support such a move. First, one would think that the few workers who work at the minimum wage would of course realize that such a move would lead to their being unemployed but not to worry, the intellectuals who make much more than the minimum are all for it. Consider the following: "Imagine the shock to the system $22.00 an hour would be to an employee. An immediate effect would be a reduction in two-income, lower income households. A single wage could afford the same lifestyle currently enjoyed by two people working three minimum wage jobs, even accounting for the inflationary reaction. This would relieve unemployment pressure across the board. In addition, it would create an improvement in the government budget, reducing pressure on programs such as Medicaid and Food Stamps, while also bringing in far higher tax revenue. It is a win-win scenario." No I did not make this up. It is from and is too stupid to comment on.

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