Monday, October 7, 2013

More Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Less Bob Corker Please

You have probably heard that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were attacked by some of their republican colleagues in a closed door session over their opposition to Obamacare. The reason you probably heard this is because someone at the meeting leaked the happenings to the press. I give you odds that the leaker was probably Bob Corker. Corker has proven to be no friend of conservatives. He appears to be enamored of his own voice and puts himself before every camera available. I for one am tired of seeing his face in the press and on TV and reading his pious quotes. Since he has been in the senate he has abandoned the principles on which he was elected in favor of “compromise”. He is now the darling of the media and it looks as if he is jockeying to be Obama’s favorite republican senator. Of course there are some here in Tennessee that would argue that Lamar Alexander has that distinction. Once upon a time I wrote that West Virginia had the nation’s worse senators with Jay Rockefeller and KKK Robert Byrd. However, I am beginning to think that Tennessee’s senators are vying for that honor. Kudos to Cruz and Lee for fighting the good fight. By themselves they could not have caused the government “slimdown”. However they are the ones vilified for it. By the way, Have you missed the government? TSA is still at the airports. The off budget agencies are still regulating. The only indicators of the “slimdown” are the shutting down of government websites – how much is the cost of their maintenance – and the silly barricading of government monuments and park closures – obviously intended to just make us mad. So go on with your bad selves Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. I wish you were my senators.

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