Friday, April 23, 2010

Is this what they call an incongruous juxtaposition of inconsistencies?

My 91 year old mother is unique. She is probably the only person in the world who likes both George Bush and Barack Obama. She likes George Bush because she was a lifelong Republican. She likes Barack Obama because he is black. I said she was a lifelong Republican but now she is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. She left the Republican party despite harboring years of resentment for the party accepting racist democrats with open arms. As she puts it Strom Thurman, Jesse Helms and all their ilk polluted her party. Of course other racists democrats remained in that party, issued false mea culpas like George Wallace and promptly got re-elected with the black vote.
However, that was 40 years ago and to ascribe racism to the Republican party and especially to the Tea party is a sign of desperation on the part of the democrats. As I told her, “who cares what they say or write? They are only saying it to themselves and writing it for themselves. People who know the truth know they are lying.”
The reason my mother left the Republican party is because of Barack Obama. She told me that this was her only opportunity to see a black president so she was going to support him. Now that he is president she supports him fully. I told her that if Obama was white, she would be railing against all of his policies. She told me recently, like she has in the past, that her grandfather preached self-reliance and despised handouts and those who took them rather than working to get what they needed. That attitude was my grandfather’s and my parents. Now my mother supports those whose entire political agenda is predicated on expropriating income from other’s hard work and handing it out to buy votes. Somehow she sees no problem if Obama is doing the handing out but if it were Bill Clinton, well that is different.
It has been enlightening for me to see. There is no use for me trying to discuss this with her. She has not paid any attention to my opinions for 65 years so there is no reason for her to start now. She can read something I said and then will perhaps accept it as fact because someone else corroborated it. She read me a piece from an anti-tea party Obama apologist asserting that tea partiers were racist as if it were truth. Although it was completely wrong, she would not entertain contradiction – especially since it was coming from me. But we know that cries of racism are the last refuge of desperation.
She is also addicted to talk radio. She listens to everyone from the left to the right. She says that the conservative hosts must send each other emails everyday on what to talk about – since they all talk about the same thing and have no difference of opinion about the subject at hand. She listens to people that I cannot abide. I keep saying to her, if you hate them so then why listen to them? Yet she does. What she really hates are all the disparaging comments made toward Obama. Calling him “incompetent”, “unqualified”, “inept”, “na├»ve” , “gangster politics” or a “thug” to her are disrespectful of the man and the office and are racist. Ironically, she felt the same way about the left’s comments on George Bush – but of course she did not consider them as racist because they were being uttered by white people against a white person.
And that is the crux of the matter. My mother basically considers any criticism of Obama as racist. She considers the Tea party as racist too. How she is able to reconcile these views with the fact that I am one of Obama’s severest critics and have keynoted two Tea party rallies is a mystery. It does not matter if I point out that the dramatic increase in spending will impoverish her great grandchildren, it does not matter that the projected tax increases of personal taxes, corporate taxes and capital gains taxes plus the dividend tax hike and the increased marriage tax will deplete initiative, drive investment and capital out of the country, and give us permanent double digit unemployment. It does not matter that 50 percent of all wage earners now pay no federal income taxes yet can vote to expropriate the earnings of others. It does not matter that democrats vehemently oppose vouchers that are the only hope for millions of black kids held captive to a nonproductive public education system. It does not matter that Barack Obama is silent on the devastation of the black community arising from 70 percent (and rising) of black kids being born out of wedlock. It does not matter that health care “reform” is a power grab by the government that will deliver poorer quality yet more expensive healthcare with rationing imposed by some government bureaucrat. It doesn’t matter that cap and trade will dramatically raise the cost of energy, increase the power of government which chooses winners and losers, without appreciably affecting the environment. There is much more to oppose and all of this is sanctioned by Barack Obama. Yet if we oppose it, we oppose him. And because he happens to be black, my mother will call us racist. So be it.

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