Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ok. What happens if we don't buy them?

The Obama Administration is out to get your truck. The newly mandated CAFE standards to make the fleet average consume 34 percent less fuel is going tp impact what you drive - I think. The standards to go into effect in 2016 (do I hear repeal?) mean that automakers can produce large vehicles such as SUVs and pickups but will have to balance them with hybrids, plugin electrics and your hippie dippie teeny greenie weenie pseudo-cars. The new standards will also raise the average price of a car about $1,000. I thought Obama liked autoworkers? Seems to me that this is a sure fired way to get them laid off. Regards, the only vehicle that American automakers build that is really popular is the full sized pickup. While car sales of American manufacturers have fallen, only the full sized pickup holds its own. No manufacturer can meet the standards if the current ratio of truck sales to auto sales holds. This would mean that the government would force the auto companies to make fewer trucks. Zowie! Maybe the American public will sit on its hands and meekly accept the de facto repeal of Article I of the Constitution with the mandating that Congress can force you to buy insurance (I hope not) but it will not sit idly buy and give up the pickup truck. Talk about white rage! Well to be honest, that rage will be colored in that I own a F-350 diesel. Obama is also out to kill the travel trailer industry. I pull a 27 foot toy hauler behind my truck usually full of toys such as motorcycles and atvs. If I had a Prius (the world's dumbest vehicle) I would hitch it up to the toy hauler and spin out the tires. I guess I would have to camp in the RV storage lot. Also as to my car it is a decidedly nongreen Porsche cabriolet. What the new CAFE standards would mean that I would buy the last big truck and last Porsche and keep them forever. I pity future generations and in particular my grandkids for having to deal with the crap put on them by this current crop of politicians.

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