Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Harold Black's Laws

Russ asked me for my laws. Here they are. Comments are always welcomed. Just like my axioms of the hunt, I would appreciate hearing what yours are.

1. Any law worth circumventing will be.
2. Any law passed during crisis is a bad law.
3. Harold Black’s second law also applies to most laws passed when there is no crisis.
4. If something fails the market test and exists only because of the government, it is bad.
5. If it is mandated it is bad.
6. If it is subsidized, it is bad.
7. If it is protected, it is bad.
8. Any person desiring to hold public office can’t be trusted.
9. The only laws that politicians repeatedly seek to repeal are the laws of supply and demand.
10. The reason why politicians who are generally fairly intelligent people (with a few well known notable exceptions) make such stupid and harmful decisions is that they are not guided by the profit motive.
11. Politicians are smart enough to exempt themselves from many of their own laws.
12. Electing presidents who have never faced budget constraints seldom end well.
13. Regulators, faceless bureaucrats and congressional staffers are the most dangerous people in the country. They are seldom if ever held accountable. They write the legislation and the enabling regulations. They never get fired. They never answer to the consequences. Instead, they get pay raises, six figure salaries, lavish benefits and essentially tenure.
14. Bureaucracies create their on special interest groups and are self serving.
15. If government agencies were put to the market test, most would be out of business. Case in point: the Department of Education fails to increase educational achievement and is only a slush fund. The Department of Energy has failed to address energy independence and is only a slush fund for Al Gore and the greenie weenies.
16. If a law does not have unintended consequences, then it was not worth passing.
17. Ads that say hurry because the product is limited must think we are fools. If it were unlimited then we would all have been killed by it.
18. I never want to know whatever it is that ads that claim they are telling us that someone "does not want us to know" wants us to know.
19. Whoever favors term limits never has seen the California legislature.
20. The purpose of the tax code is to reward some and to punish others: the collection of revenue is of secondary imporantance.
21. Murphy was an optimist.


Russ Seagle said...

Thank you, Dr. Black.

Russ Seagle said...

I would love to have your permission to post these on my blog. Of course, I will give proper attribution.

H.A. Black said...

I would be delighted. Thank you very much. HB