Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Speaking of racism, have you noticed how the charge of racism has become the last desperate charge of those devoid of ideas? Conservatives are charged of being racist by liberals because conservatives have won the battle of ideas. Liberals charge the Tea Party as racist in order to try to discredit their positions. MSNBC and the like say that Tea Partiers are racist because they are against Obama. Oh contraire, they are against Obama's policies. Consider: are the Obama supporters racist because they support him because he is black? Huh? My niece who is a liberal professor is encountering some difficulties within her department and says that "they are tea partiers with hoods". Actually my dear niece, they are liberal professors doing what liberal professors always do - practicing racism. Just because you are good at what you do is not enough. Liberal professors do not appreciate arrogant, smart, take it or leave it, abrasive, uppity black women (or black men for that reason) although they themselves are prima donas. I think it is ironic that the most racist institutions I know of are the most liberal - university faculties and Hollywood. Remember when Halle Berry won her oscar and stammered that she never thought she would live to see the day when a black actress won? And this is the liberal crowd. Everyone knows they are racist in front of and behind the cameras - yet few acknowledge it. They are liberal in all their views and positions except when it comes to their own personal and professional lives. The same is true with universities. I have encountered more racism at universities than I have outside. Faculties are generally lily white and if they hire blacks, typically it is at the lowest ranks with tenure and promotion forthcoming less often than similarly situated whites. Yet university faculties are 95 percent liberal. I know faculty who vote liberal, support liberal causes, spout liberal platitudes yet would not go into the ghetto to live, to tutor or send their kids to public schools if it means sending their kids to a majority black or hispanic school. All liberals I know and know of are statist. They want to impose their views on the masses and think they know what is best for everyone. Conservatives generally believe that the individual - regardless of status - know what is best for themselves. Personally, I hold most liberals in contempt. Do you?

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