Monday, February 7, 2011

More musings

Do they audition the singers of the national anthem at the Super Bowl? Apparently not. I had never heard of Christine Aguilera and now I wish I had never heard her period. Not only did she botch the National Anthem, she could not sing either. As to the halftime show, I have never paid any attention so it really doesn’t matter who performs.

The two Super Bowl teams are the only ones in the league without “cheerleaders”. Hallelujah! The quote marks are because college cheerleaders are most likely gymnasts built accordingly. The pro “cheerleaders” are only soft porn.

As I have written before, why is it that the “conservative” news network – Fox – is replete with Barbie doll broadcasters (pun intended) showing cleavage and thighs? Well it recently was reported that research shows that “TV networks try to boost ratings by hiring comely female anchors and dressing them and shooting them in ways to accentuate their visual assets, but a study finds it actually reduces the amount of information recalled by male viewers. The "sexier" the female anchors, the more attention men pay, but the less they remember of what the news was about.” So Fox want more but less informed viewers?

Don’t you get tired of commercials that tell you “what the (fill in the blank) do not want you to know?” Or how about commercials that tout “quantities are limited”. We know they are limited or else we would be suffocated underneath all that stuff if it were unlimited.
Isn’t it curious that the language police are purging “chairman” from the language and substituting the equally sexist “chairperson”? (What are the last three letters of “person”?)

The First Lady now wants restaurants to decrease the size of servings to kids in order to combat obesity. This seems to be going on anyway. My favorite restaurants appear to have decreased the size while either holding the price constant or increasing it. However, has anyone asked why Mrs. Obama who shares with her brother the basketball coach big genes wants the rest of us to be skinny. Nevertheless, the White House menu for the Super Bowl looked like the one at the Super Bowl party I attended. It was bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, deep dish pizza, buffalo wings, German potato salad, Snyder's crisps and pretzels, twice-baked potatoes and ice-cream.
Beers on offer were from the home state of the Green Bay Packers – Wisconsin's Hinterland Pale Ale and Amber lager – and the Pittsburgh Steelers – Yuengling Traditional and Light Lager. Excuse me?

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