Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Testosterone anyone?

Previously I have written that the reason why so many black boys look like girls (with the girlie hairdos and the earrings) is that since 70 percent of black youth are born into single parent homes, the black boys want to emulate someone that they look up to. And who is this? Their mother. Then I have written that we will face a social crisis with 70 percent of black undergraduate students being women and 60 percent of white college students being women. Since women typically marry men with equal or higher education, the question is who will these educated women marry? Absent going to polygamy, the answer may lie in the fact that marriage is now occurring at later and later ages and family size is falling. On top of these two observations comes the article in the Wall Street Journal, “Where have the good men gone?” by Kay Hymowitz from her book “Manning up: How the rise of women has turned men into boys.” It’s a great article talking about how the rise of technology – videogames, the internet and satellite tv – have given young men a vast array of toys that prolong their pre-adulthood. Hymowitz says that girls get transformed into women upon maturity whereas boys go through a rite of passage. Boys need to show maturity and “prove their competence as protectors and providers.” However, today men are not necessary to either protect or provide. Women are then less likely to rush to marry men who are insufficiently domesticated. All of us men go through this rite of passage and the joke has always been “what do you call a guy who never matures – a redneck.” Now as Hymowitz notes “single men have never been civilization’s most responsible actors” and continue to drink beer, act rowdy and treat women like disposable estrogen toys. Let me tell you what Hymowitz misses and tie her musings into mine. It is not the rise of women that has turned men into boys, rather it has been the relentless feminization of the American male. Masculinity has been turned by modern society into an obscenity. We have denuded the language. We are now chairpersons. Workmen are now workers. Actresses are now actors. Waitresses are now waitpersons. Men now are peppered with commercials touting them to smell like women using something called “body wash”, aftershave and various other scents. We all know that real men have no scents. A real man does not want to smell like a woman and uses unscented toiletries. Men get berated as less than manly by women (usually with ample chests) for ordering a particular light beer when in fact all light beer is girlie beer. Traditional roles have been blurred with women pilots, women in combat zones and women submariners. Women soldiers, cops and firefighters are held to lesser physical standards than men yet are supposed to be equal. Strong men are now brutes while the new ideal man is sensitive. It is no surprise that the number of men who hunt has been falling. Masculinity is now being derided and demeaned. We have witnessed the rise of the metrosexual whose feminine side is prominently displayed. Men are now driving wimping cars like Priuses because the big pickup and SUV have been put down as insensitive to the environment. Giving in to all this nonsense is going to result in a social upheaval in this country. You read it here first.


Anonymous said...

One thing that drives me crazy is the idea that men should have no body hair, like a woman.

H.A. Black said...

Agreed. The Wall Street Journal several pages after the article had a designer with a male model with his shirt off - not a hair on his chest.

Anonymous said...

I'll leave my identity anonymous but my profession may give it away. Being in the military I find that this is often a problem. Now before anyone belittles my viewpoint or things negatively of how I think, know that you have not been there yourself. Serving in the Marines, I can honestly say that men and women are not created equal in certain aspects yet almost all women scream for equality in the armed forces. I am proud to serve in a combat arm MOS where women are not allowed. Not only does it dumb down the guys(unit cohesion usually) but they truly are held to lower standards - both physically and mentally.

I've heard the arguement, "If your in a fighting hole and wounded and a hand reaches down to pull you out - you wont care if that is a man or woman.... so therefore women can be just as valuable as men." But believe it or not, I DO CARE when that hand reaching down isn't strong enough to pull me out or carry me to cover. Women in the military are held to lower physical standards, that is obvious given by the minimum PFT scores. They for the same age are allowed to run slower miles, do less pullups and less situps. Enough on that rant.

I book that was recommended to me many years ago was called Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. It goes on to state that in a man's life he lives by 3 very important aspects. 1 is a battle to fight, 2 is an adventure to live, and 3 is a beauty to rescue. In today's world, I feel like I dont have a #1 or #2 anymore. What is my battle and my adventure? To provide for a woman who spends all my money? To go through a daily grind to look metrosexual to be appealing to females? Thats why I joined the military - to find my battle and my adventure. I would highly recommend this book, it is a Christian book though, so many references are made to God.

Something that comes to mind after coming home from a military field operations is how my ex girlfriend would hate me being in what she called "Man Mode." This was the worst thing ever to her. After spending days or weeks in the field, wet, miserable, shooting, blowing up things, eating MRE's or whatever we can find, not taking showers for weeks, these are the things that bring men together for a bonding experience I have never been able to relate to in the civilian world. And when I come home I am still in that mind set and she hated it. She just can't understand. She never will. I feel most women never will. I dont really know where Im going with all this but to ultimately say I agree with your post.

H.A. Black said...

Bless you and thank you for your service. I sincerely mean it. My girlfriend (of the past 15 years) was a military wife for 19 years. I know of no one more patriotic or less tolerant toward those who question the heart and soul of the men who serve. She is active in providing aid to dependents as well. Having been married during Viet Nam she says that she will not tolerate the anti-military sentiment that prevailed then as long as she breathes. I am proud of her. I am proud of you. Be patient there are more women like her out there and one day you will find one worth of you. All the best.