Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Are we seniors stupid yet?

When the president lied about not knowing whether there would be enough money if the debt ceiling were not raised to pay seniors, the disabled and the military, the talking heads on the right went ballistic. They were saying that this was a typical democratic tactic to scare old people. Well as an old person I am insulted. I was not scared nor do I know any other old person who was scared. I am reminded of what my father told me when he said "Please tell me when I get stupid." What he meant was that he was getting calls and solicitations that only made sense if he had lost all his faculties - gotten stupid. Well my dad died at 86 and never got stupid. The talking heads are somehow assuming that us old folks somehow have gotten uninformed, or believe anything that apparently only the democrats tell us. It also puzzles me how anyone came to the conclusion that a failure to increase the debt ceiling would somehow only cause the voters to take it out on the republicans. It seems to me that if the republicans would somehow shed the mantle given to them by George Will as "the stupid party" they would in the house pass the Toomey bill to require the payment of the interest on the debt (so no default), entitlements and the military. The budget wonks tell us that that would leave $30 billion per month available for other spending. Personally I feel that if the government cannot get by on a mere $30 billion a month, it should not exist period. However, it would make the politicians earn their money by allocating it and making those tough decisions. Getting rid of all the Federal agencies except those specified by the constitution would be a good first step. As I said in the posting on "What would Adam Smith do?" if the government only performed its constitutional functions and the roles outlined in the Wealth of Nations, I bet we could get by on $30 billion and that amount would increase monthly as the debt decreased monthly as it matures and is not increased.


JP said...

We need you in DC, but who, in their right mind, would willingly go into that den of crooks without a 2X4 in hand.

H.A. Black said...

Love your pup. I have a german shorthaired pointer with the same coloration.