Friday, July 8, 2011

It is now time to profile

Last year, when we were flying to Cigar Aficionado's Big Smoke in Las Vegas my beloved Connie was subjected to humiliation by TSA agents at the Knoxville airport. She was wearing a loose fitting skirt (very attractive) and was told that they had instructions to fondle everyone wearing such types of dresses. I wondered if that applied to muslim women. She was irate and is still fuming one year later. Now comes the word that TSA is on the lookout for bombs inside the body - even though there is no documented threat. Give me a break! Are they saying that last year's invasions of privacy are just a minor foreboding of what is to come? Pray tell: how is the TSA going to look for inside the body bombs? Please spare me the lurid details. I can only say that it will be interesting to see whether the flying public finally rebels against this one. My suspicion is that it will be tested on international flights into the United States first rather than domestically. When I flew back from South Africa last year, the scrutiny was much greater than when I flew to South Africa. After the bags getting screened and going through security, we had to go through security again before boarding the plane with the men being separated from the women. I asked what was going on and was told that they were only following instructions from the American government. Well I can tell you this, when Connie and I fly to Las Vegas this year, if they even try to conduct a search like they did last year, we will not allow it and will go to the parking lot, get in the car and drive instead. God knows what we will do if they decide that an aging all-American looking couple poses a threat to national security and decide that we might be carrying a body bomb.

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