Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Class envy in spades

Obama's latest budget proposal will be like the last - dead on arrival. Isn't that what the dems always said about Bush's budgets? But unlike the last which did not get a single vote in the democrat controlled senate, this one likely will not be allowed to come to the floor by Harry Reid. It is a campaign document that officially for the first time lays out Obama's reelection strategy of pitting Americans against Americans. It proposes raising the taxes for those earning over $250,000 imploring them to pay their "fair share" even though they pay the vast majority of federal taxes already. It also raises taxes on capital gains, further discouraging investing. Obama even continues to say that Warren Buffett's secretary pays more in taxes than Buffett himself even though this is an obvious lie. Buffett obviously pays more dollars in taxes and although his income is from capital gains, it is taxed twice. Why Buffett continues to be let his name used so is open to speculation. But Obama assumes that instead of Americans wanting to be rich, they are so full of hatred against the wealthy that they will vote to punish the rich by re-electing him. My father used to say "Don't to be envious of anyone since it was non-productive. Rather become someone that others envy". Obama says his budget is not class warfare, it is common sense. Of course this is also a lie. Obama has figured out that there are more voters earning less than $250,000 than over. He knows that such a budget will lower productivity, lower investment and move more jobs and capital offshore. But those are secondary to his re-election. If this strategy of class envy is successful it will be a dark day for America - no pun intended.

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Perry said...

While a level playing field is important, we must be very careful in our zeal to protect that ideal, that we don't create such a frenzy of hatred and jealousy among ourselves that extreme civil unrest rules the day. That we become comfortable with the idea that captalism doesn't work. History clearly shows it is the only economic system that lifts or prevents "GRINDING POVERTY." (See Milton Friedman video)Class envy is a politcal strategy adopted by the Democratic party for some time now, at least as long as I have been paying attention. JFK believed strongly in a level playing field, but did so without pitting citizen against citizen. Countries from the eastern bloc and China have been racing toward capitalism. While "WE" seem to be trending away from it. Today, no politician will ever publicly state he/she is against capitalism. We never want the day to come in this country when a serious politician is applauded for publicly seeking to end capitalism. look at the deeds, not the words. Hatred and envy will not get you to the promised land. We found our promised land 236 years ago. Let's preserve it.