Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So where is PETA?

When the president gave a speech in Miami touting $14 million in new grants for algal biofuels, where was the derision? Remember when Bush promoted the use of switchgrass to make ethanol in a state of the union address? The democratic machine blew up saying that the president was determined to promote swithgrass whether anyone was listening or not. Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live were merciless parodying the president as a dolt. ABC news called the idea “goofy”. Well when Obama extolled the virtues of algae, there was only silence from the left. Why isn’t this idea ridiculed? Why isn’t this president a dolt? Predictably Newt Giongrich and Rush Limbaugh had a field day but all seem to have forgotten the switchgrass incident. Of course, it makes sense to burn as fuel something other than our food. Brazil is using sugar cane. But somehow, we Americans are burning up our corn. It is no secret why Obama announced the new grants in Florida. Already, his administration has given $25 million to Algenol Biofuels of Bonita Springs, Florida which is building a biofuel refinery to extract oils from algae to be converted into ethanol. What I want to know is that since algae are a living organism, if Obama is alienating part of his base – the PETA crowd? So the big question is whether the billions of helpless little algae have to give up their lives to put fuel in the tanks of the rapacious humans?

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