Monday, February 13, 2012

What Constitution?

I thought Obama was a constitutional lawyer. Its strange that no one points this out. Maybe this is why he ignores the constitution - because he knows how to skirt it. Case in point is his telling the insurance companies that they have to provide birth control services for free. Does the "health care" act say that the president can mandate unilaterally what private companies must provide and must charge? Certainly that isn't constitutional. Another case in point are the recess appointments made when the senate was still in session. I don't understand how the president gets away with this. Don't the politicians care anymore about the usurpation of power by the executive? So I was wondering what happens if the insurance companies refuse to pay for the birth control services? Certainly it would be a constitutional test. But of course they will pay since they actually favor the new law in that it mandates that all purchase policies for the said same companies. What gets me is that the president said with a straight face that the services would be "free". If there was a howl of derision, I missed it. No one believes that they will be free. Or do they? Regardless, both the mandate of "free" services and the recess appointments appear to be unconstitutional, yet I do not see either being vigorously opposed on those grounds.

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