Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy D-Day

Today marks the 68th anniversary of the landing at Normandy. I have read the account by Stephen Ambrose and an exception to my not going to movies was going to see Saving Private Ryan. That is because my beloved Connie's dad was a D-day veteran, landing in the first wave at Omaha Beach. He was a Bedford Boy and was a genuine hero. It therefore saddens me and alternatively infuriates me that the President did not deign to commemorate this day of supreme sacrifice. Instead he is fund raising (what else?) in California. It is puzzling that this president and his advisers are so tone deaf. Surely someone in the Obama camp must know that this day is important to so many Americans. It would take little time and less effort to issue a presidential proclamation. Yet nothing but silence. This is another confirmation as to why people like Artur Davis, a black former congressman from Alabama has left the democratic party. Davis said that Obama had the rare opportunity to unite Americans, yet at every turn he has done the opposite. The Pew research center has said that this country is more divided than ever. That division has to be put at the feet of Obama. He has deliberately governed to the far left. He has not made a single attempt to bring us together but has instead helped drive us apart. Interestingly, the division has not been along racial lines but instead along ideological lines. Indeed, Pew has found that there are deeper divisions now amongst Americans by ideology than by race, gender or religion. So I guess Obama has in a sense united races, genders and religions that share the same ideology. Regardless, ignoring D-Day is a sad continuation of a sad presidency.

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