Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

Why haven't there been any calls for Eric Holder's impeachment over Fast and Furious? By the way, if not an impeachment then why no calls for a special prosecutor? And speaking of a special prosecutor, if one were appointed over the Valerie Plame triviality, then why none for the serious security leaks over Iran's nukes? DOJ has filed lawsuits against the state of Arizona for its immigration law, against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpiao for enforcing the immigration law, against Texas for its voter ID law, against Florida for purging illegals from it voter rolls - its there a pattern here and did I miss any? All of a sudden, my voice recognition software in my SUV doesn't understand me - must be my southern accent. I said "phone" it said "moving to channel 53" which was some awful stuff called "smooth electric" so I yelled "phone idiot!" Then it called a friend of mine - I am not going to say the name - who is at a meeting in Las Vegas. Can you imagine if in the future the targeting systems are voice activated? We will probably end up bombing ourselves. One of the downsides of democracy is the rule of the majority. I am uneasy about 50.1 being able to expropriate the wealth of the minority through punitive tax hikes. I think that a worthy amendment to the constitution would be for tax hikes to be approved by a supermajority in both houses. There they go again. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) has proposed raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour and linking it to the CPI. He stated that economists have shown that rises in the minimum wage have little impact. Well that is from only two rather isolated studies - one in the UK. In the main, the evidence was so overwhelming that it did cause unemployment that no real research has been done in the past 20 years. Of course it will cause unemployment and linking it to the CPI will deny youth a chance to learn the discipline of the workforce (very few adult heads of household work at the minimum wage). What should be done is to eliminate the minimum entirely and let the market determine all wages - not just those above the minimum. If individuals fall below the poverty line, then they will get subsidies from the myriad of programs out there.

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