Friday, June 1, 2012

P Diddy's son: Liberal racism on display

In case you missed it Sean "P Diddy" Combs son Justin is a highly recruited high school football player. Justin plays for a prep school in New York and has a 3.75 GPA. When he accepted a football scholarship to UCLA the websphere blew up with loud criticisms that P Diddy should give back the money to UCLA so that some needy kid could have the scholarship. Here is an example: At the NBC News opinion website, blogger Jay Anderson asked whether paying for his son's education should be the obligation of the elder Combs."By taking a scholarship that he earned, but could likely afford on his own, (Justin) Combs is taking a spot away from a player who might elect to go elsewhere ... which in theory would hurt the team as a whole," Anderson wrote. Excuse me? Anderson is a fool. Can that needy kid play corner? Can that needy kid pass the coursework at UCLA. With all the football scholarships out there its hard to imagine that the needy kid could not get a scholarship somewhere. So I was stunned by the avalanche of criticisms but frankly not surprised. What we have here is a textbook example of liberal racism. I bet that all these criticisms come from those on the left. Where were the criticisms of Archie Manning letting his three boys accept football scholarships? Or Joe Montana? Or Mike Golic? Or any wealthy high profile white person whose son (or daughter) excelled in a sport? However, it is also interesting that certain blacks get spared from being criticized. An icon like Michael Jordan is spared when his son is on a basketball scholarship at Central Florida. Louis Farrakhan and Ralph David Albernathy's grandsons are on Division I football scholarships. However, it is the up from poverty, work in black culture self-made mogul who doesn't need the government father who gets criticized. This is a merit based scholarship and this is one time that the son can say that he earned it through his own initiative and hard work. His father was not on the field, or in the weight room. I bet Sean is proud of his son and ashamed for all the fools out there who obviously do not have a life.

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John in Ky said...

I believe the complaining is more class warfare based than racially biased. If not for the 99/1% stuff then this would not ever hit the news like the other examples. I agree that he earned it but if I was Puffy, I would anonymously donate money to the program to help them out. Maybe not the full tuition amount but something.