Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Freeway of Love?

Get ready for the avalanche of propaganda from the media over rising gas prices. Of course it will mostly be fabricated. Consider the implausible story I read at the farm over Christmas break. The deadline was a Toyota dealer in Knoxville. I knew immediately that it was lies. It said that the dealer was getting many customers coming in trading down their large pickups and big SUVs for the teenie weenie greenie weenie micro cars. Now remember that at this time gas was in the $3.25 range in Knoxville. There was no way the story could be true. First, the micro cars seem to be starter cars for kids. Second, the only adult drivers driving either “Smart” cars or Priuses seem all middle aged white ex-hippies who either making a statement or in a drug-induced stopor. To date the only young person I have seen with a Prius was at my archery pro shop. It was a kid who undoubtedly had hippies for parents. He tried to cover up his embarrassment by putting racing stripes and big redneck tires on it. Just like putting lipstick on a pig, it just looked like a more doufus Prius. Third, there is no teenie weenie greenie weenie vehicle that even comes close to meeting the needs of grownups. What good old boy is going to trade in a pickup for a Tercel? Try hauling hay in a Tercel or even having room for all your hound dogs. Fourth, what family is going to give up an SUV for a Yaris? It is big enough for 1 ½ kids and a Walmart bag. What about the other kids and the rest of the groceries? So I immediately knew that this was the typical unbelievable nonsense that is the mainstay of our leftist press pushing an agenda. It doesn’t even make sense for me with no other adults in the house and two wonderful German Shorthaired pointers. I have a mega pickup (Ford F-350 diesel extended cab extended bed) to use around the farm and to tow a 10,000 pound toy hauler to motorcycle rallies and hunting. I also have a gas guzzling sports car that burns super premium. I am not trading in either. No prissy kiddie car can haul and tow. Give up the manly vehicles and take up knitting? Hardly. Go from giving up my dream car (Porsche 911 Carera S) for a Sienna? Surely you jest. Now that gas is around $3.50 here in Knoxville, I am bracing myself for another spate of made up stories. I bet you that all are written by reporters who are trying to validate their own irrational purchases of statement vehicles. Even at these prices, it makes little sense to buy a hybrid. And the other gas efficient vehicles just make no sense for grownups.”


Bill Olmsted said...

No one with a good car needs to be justified.

- Flannery O'Connor

H.A. Black said...

And I thought I knew all the good Flannery O'Conner quotes! However, I guess if the greenies had their way in the future "a good car will be hard to find".