Monday, April 11, 2011

Mitt Romney's blind rush to oblivion

Mitt Romney has as anticipated formed an exploratory committee to run (again) for president. I won't be a supporter. Why? Because on his most important issue, he has turned up stupid. When asked about Romney care he strives painfully to retract on his early statements that the plan is a national blueprint. He now has nuanced over to my often stated position, that he should trumpet it as a state plan that failed. Instead he can't bring himself to call it a failure. Rather than talking about meaningless doodles in the margins of the act, he should emphasize that the beauty of our government is that states can experiment in different forms like TennCare and that all the states will profit from their mistakes or their successes. It is too late for all that now - I think. In honor of the 150 anniversary of the start of the Civil War, RomneyCare is Mitt Romney's Pickett's (actually Longstreet's) charge. Like the mad suicidal dash into oblivion - and a blight on the decisions of Robert E. Lee, RomneyCare and his inability to articulate a coherent view means that Mitt Romney is just wasting more of his money. He should have learned his lesson last time.

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