Wednesday, April 27, 2011

India Hicks?

In the Wall Street Journal's weekend edition for April 23-24 was an article entitled "India Hicks". I was expecting
1. seeing a woman in a sari smoking a corncob pipe
2. guys throwing huumus cans out of pickups
3. people ordering light bread pita sandwiches
4. elephants with "88" painted on their sides
5. Ravi Shankar-Dolly Parton Grand Ole Opry videos
6. trailer parks in New Delhi
7. reruns of the Mumbai Hillbillies
8. sales reports on white socks and Blue Ribbon beer in Bangalore
9. Jeff Foxworthy routines of "you might be a brown neck".
10. cobra handling
But no. It turned out to be an article on an interior designer of that name. To quote Ruth Buzzi "never mind".

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